Process Chromatography Skid

Process Chromatography Skid

Ion exchange chromatography (IEC) is widely used as the first step to downstream process biopharmaceuticals. Supreme Pharmaceutical Technology has designed a unique IEC that could use either a salt or a linear pH gradient to afford a high degree of protein fractionation based on protein charges.

Features and Benefits

  •   Reproducibility and Stability

Process qualification in accordance with cGMP & FDA guidance


  •   Versatile functions

Electronic signature, data archive and traceability to satisfy 21 CFR Part 11 requirements


  •   Compact design

Effortless and straightforward CIP and SIP with optional manifold inlets and outlets


  •   Customer friendly

Modular design for easy maintenance and maneuver


  •   Credibility with the high production value

Advanced engineering design with a three-year product warranty.